About JinList.com

JinList.com is the world's leader in connecting real estate professionals with Chinese home buyers and investors in international real estate.

Through JinList.com, real estate professionals get to connect with Chinese investors who are seeking to invest in international properties.

Using cutting edge technologies, JinList.com enables the Chinese real estate buyers half globe away in China to effortlessly search detailed data of international properties for sale and connect them with real estate professionals who help complete purchases. The Chinese buyers and international sellers – the agents, brokers and developers – all converge on JinList.com, which has become the leading marketplace, facilitating investments in international real estate and fulfilling many affluent Chinese’s need to live the American Dream .

With customer service provided in both China and U.S., JinList.com offers an easy access for Chinese buyers to invest in international real estate. At the same time, real estate professionals utilize advanced technology platform provided by JinList.com for access to affluent Chinese on both sides of China's Firewall. JinList™ makes it easy for world's real estate professionals to connect with Chinese buyers.

JinList.com is owned and operated by JRE, Inc. a global technology company. Its affiliate site, Jinti.com, is a popular platform of local social marketplaces in China. Jinti.com has attracted more than 12 million registered users and serves local Chinese communities in 435 cities throughout China and 200 cities in North America.

Real estate professionals from numerous established, world-known companies have chosen JinList.com, which has delivered superior results. We are excited to offer this robust platform and technology-enabled services to real estate and investment professionals who can cost-effectively market their brand, listings and properties to the Chinese communities.

We are looking forward to working with more real estate professionals throughout the U.S. and globally.

JRE, Inc. is head quartered in Long Island, New York with offices in Shanghai, China.

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For more information on getting you and your business in front of hundreds of millions of Chinese investors and consumers in China and North America, please contact:

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Email: contactus at jinlist.com

JRE, Inc. - Shanghai Office

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Real estate professionals utilize advanced technology platform provided by JinList to access the world's affluent Chinese who are seeking to purchase real estate overseas.