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May 2015

New Wealth Builders

Recent studies1 have shown that 69 million mass wealthy Chinese have the net worth to buy U.S. properties. That figure is expected to rise to 220 million by 2022. Exactly who are these buyers?

Karen Yan, Executive Vice President of JinList.com, explained they are called New Wealth Builders (or NWB’s for short). NWBs typically do not consider themselves wealthy, and their wealth is earned, not inherited. They are the world’s fastest growing wealth segment, and have net worth of between $100,000 and $1,000,000 USD2. In 2014, Chinese NWB’s held assets totaling 19.5 Trillion dollars. In comparison the U.S. NWB’s had assets totaling 23 Trillion dollars. By 2022, Chinese NWB’s are projected to have over 53 Trillion in assets versus 27 Trillion for their U.S. counterparts. However, the U.S NWB’s will have a higher per capita basis $491,000 than Chinese NWB’s $319,000.

NWBs represent an increasingly important phenomenon in the world economy, driving growth in savings and economic activity more generally.

Like high net worth Chinese buyers, these NWB’s are also looking for asset protection/appreciation and revenue streams. They are more likely to be looking at secondary cities for more economical values. Education is still a priority and purchasing real estate near accredited universities is also a key desire for these buyers.

These NWB’s are younger and much more internet savvy. Almost all of their investment and purchase decisions are made using online sources.

Chinese buyers usually take 6 months from the time they start researching to the time of seeing the properties and making purchase decisions. They can only include properties they can find in their searches. They prefer sites hosted and accessible in China, readable in Chinese for convenience and ease of use. If you and your properties can’t be found, you have little chance of selling to these buyers.

NWB’s like to schedule vacations at the same time they are going to see properties. This is why they are sometimes called the “fly and buy” generation. Golden weeks in February and October are the pinnacle of this.

JinList.com has the ProLaunch 120 to help solve this problem. For $100 per month, you get a digital storefront in Chinese to connect with high net worth buyers. Up to 120 listings can be self-loaded per month that can be found during searches.

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and start building your presence with affluent Chinese.

Note 1. McKinsey Report, Dominic Barton, Yougang Chen and Amy Jin https://www.mckinsey.com/insights/consumer_and_retail/mapping_chinas_middle_class

Note 2. Source: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/1746219/tomorrow-belongs-chinas-new-wealth-builders

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JinList.com is a professional online platform dedicated to connecting affluent Chinese buyers with real estate professionals.

JinList™ has direct access to over 11.7 million registered users in 363 cities throughout China behind its Great Firewall. It also is connected with local Chinese communities in over 200 cities in North America. JinList™ helps real estate investors and professionals promote their expertise, brand and property listings among high net worth Chinese buyers. JinList™ has a dedicated professional team based in Shanghai, China and Great Neck, NY. JinList™ local translators get your listings seen in China and translate your property descriptions in idiomatic Chinese.

JinList.com utilizes breakthrough technologies and innovative products that captivate people.

The JinList™ audience is engaged, ready to listen and make purchase decisions. Becoming a JinList.com member will extend your visibility and reach into a diverse, rich, and Internet-savvy group of buyers.

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